Friday, December 22

The ring's design

Well... first of all I must say connecting here again wasn't easy at all but I'm happy to inform you I have succeeded, as you can see!!

Now don't ask me about the title of this new post, I haven't got a clue yet. A ring was mentioned in an anonymous comment received yesterday. I mean today, I received a notice by email, announcing that a comment had been left in the archives. That particular comment has been deleted in the meantime, by its author presumably.

Nevertheless, I will most certainly be investigating and keep you posted. Oh yes I will!!

Tuesday, January 6


Right, I ought to go on with the previous post instead of starting a new one but since a brand new year has begun, moving one step beyond is just fine. Have a brilliant one, by the way. 

On my way home earlier this evening, I recalled this very picture I had posted on FB once upon a time. Well, I must admit I'm still doing it pretty wrong nowadays but who cares after all. The most important is to be able to express whatever we feel like, whenever we feel like doing so. 

Remaining silent is also acceptable and even recommended. However, I am well aware I refrain from expressing my feelings and emotions sometimes, saying to myself that particular moment is not appropriate, or that my suggestions or ideas might be misunderstood. I'm probably making things worse that way... but in the future, I will improve, hopefully. 
A New Year's resolution? you name it.

Saturday, October 11